The Medi-facials are subject to gst


Acne Clear

60 mins : $208

Ideal for blemish-prone skin

Developed specifically for skin with excessive oil secretion and acne, Acne Clear works wonders on rough skin and pimples. The gentleness of this treatment makes it the best choice for those with sensitive skin that does not react well with harsh facial treatments.


20 mins : $98

Ideal for skin with Inflammatory acne, pustules and papules

Using PDT to eliminate sebum build-up by penetrating deep into the skin to clean out pores, this treatment is clinically proven to minimize imperfections, banish acne-causing bacteria, and helps to restore normal sebaceous gland function.

Plasma Shower

60 mins : $238

Ideal for acne-prone skin

This treatment is specially designed to target acne-causing bacteria by harnessing the optimal power of cold plasma energy to be delivered to the skin in the most comfortable way. It achieves absolute sterilization for the skin and fight against bacteria lying deep within the skin.


Oxy Pure Hydration

60 mins : $220

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin

This intensely hydrating treatment effectively deep cleanses, tones and plumps up skin. It delivers moisture to dehydrated skin, and counteracts the effects of pollution, air-conditioning and stress.

Soothing Cryo

20 mins : $128

Ideal for dry, tired and sensitive skin

A highly effective treatment that encompasses soothing ingredients to hydrate dry and sensitive skin from the inside out

Repair Recharge Rejuvenate

60 mins : $236

Ideal for sensitive skin caused by too much cosmetics, pollution and/or UV damage

This therapeutic treatment effectively give skin cells a big boost to repair and regenerate from within. It employs multi-polar technology to stimulate collagen, and completes with LED red therapy for enhanced healing.


Plasma Shower

60 mins : $238

Ideal for

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The Ogee Optima

90 mins : $370

Ideal for dull skin tone and all round rejuvenation

Ideally for those who want a triple boost in skin firmness, fairness and radiance. The Ogee Optima delivers a renewed complexion with intense luminosity. Recommended to be done regularly to give skin prolonged benefits

LED Glow

20 mins : $98

Ideal for tired and lack-lustre skin

This pain free and non-invasive treatment enhances skin tone and radiance through clinically proven photobiostimulation therapy. It effectively minimises age spots, blemishes and light pigment spots to produce clear, healthy and bright skin.

LED Restore

20 mins : $98

Ideal for sun-damaged and stressed-out skin

This treatment rebalances your skin through gentle skin renewal, skin healing and pore reduction. The emitted light is coded to promote healthy skin cell changes such as improved skin healing, increased collagen synthesis and pore reduction.


Glow Perfect Aqua

60 mins : $228

Ideal for sun-damage and pigmentation-prone skin

Keep your skin glowing from within with this treatment. These antioxidants come iin the size of nano-sized particles to fight free radical damage, heal cellular damage and stimulate collagen production as well as lighten discolouration of skin. Recommended to be done regularly for visibly fairer and brighter skin.

V-Face Lift

90 mins : $358

Ideal for loose and skin laxity

This non-invasive treatment reduces the appearance of loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles by gently sculpting the face. A perfect alternative to the surgeon’s knife. Recommended to be done regularly to achieve optimal results

Eye Face Neck

90 mins : $468

Ideal for fine lines, droopy and wrinkly skin on neck

Banish unsightly fine lines and sluggish skin around the neck with our unique Neck Zone Lift treatment. A non-invasive treatment that is safe and effective, this multi-polar technology aims to increase collagen and elasticity, resulting in refreshed and youthful look. 

Post laser

Stem Cell Infusion

25 mins : $180

Ideal for post-laser treatment recovery and skin damaged from screen device radiation

A highly sought-after treatment. The active ingredients in the form of stem cell factors powerfully interact with skin cells to speed up recovery, and reverse cellular damage. Complexion is instantly repaired and restored to its vitality, radiance and clarity. 

Bright eyelift

Plasma Glow Eye

15 mins : $160

Ideal for early eyebags, puffy and water retention around eyes

For youthful eyes, look no further than our Plasma Glow Eye treatment to achieve an instant eye lift. This non-invasive, comfortable treatment keeps your eye contours looking bright and plump. This treatment produces new skin cells, and boost the production of collagen and elastin, delaying premature skin aging around the eyes.