Laser Hair Removal Programme

Laser Hair Removal Programme

Are you troubled by unwanted body and facial hair? Are these problems affecting your social interactions, the way you dress, and even your confidence?

Are you unhappy with multiple unsuccessful methods of shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair? If the above describes your situation, Laser Hair Removal may be an option worth considering.

About the Laser Hair Removal Programme

Medical grade laser emits electromagnetic energy waves of a single wavelength. When using lasers to remove unwanted hairs, the laser chosen is of a wavelength specific to the hair follicles.

The target of treatment is the hair follicle stem cells, which sit in the part of the hair root known as the hair bulge.

During a Laser Hair Removal Procedure, highly concentrated beams of laser energy are directed into the hair follicles.

Pigment in the hair follicles absorb the energy and conducts it towards the hair root. That destroys the hair root and removes the hair follicle.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Program include:


Due to the specificity of the laser, the treatment selectively targets dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.


Most patients have permanent hair reduction after an average of 5-7 sessions.


Each laser pulse is a fraction of a second, and can treat many hairs at the same time, greatly reducing treatment times. Small areas such as upper lip areas can be treated in a couple of minutes, while large areas such as the back or legs, may take up to 20-30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prior to the procedure, our therapist will help you apply a local anesthetic cream on the intended treatment areas. During the procedure, Dr Heng will direct the laser handpiece or over the treatment area. The whole procedure may take 15-30 minutes to complete depending on the size of the treatment area. Occasionally, your treatment session may include other types of treatment instead of laser therapy. In this case, the duration of treatment will differ based on the severity and extent of the treatment area.

You may experience some during the treatment, especially the first few laser shots. This is mainly due to presence of some remnant hairs in the treatment area before the procedure. Hairs missed during shaving will absorb laser energy and this increase in absorption is felt as pain. There is less pain with repeat treatments at regular intervals.

Laser Hair Removal Program can achieve hair removal in the following ways:

  • Removal of hair follicles
  • Reduction the hair density of the area
  • Reduction of shaft size of surviving hair follicles

Whether hair is removed permanently or reduced in density or reduced in shaft size is dependent on several factors as shown:

  • The colour of the patient’s skin
  • The colour of the patient’s hair
  • The thickness of the patient’s hair
  • The type and quality of the laser used
  • The experience and competence of the performing doctor

Certain treatments will cause a short downtime in our patients. These may include mild skin swelling, redness, and peeling. We recommend those having higher energy treatments to schedule their treatments around a time where there are no important social functions for 3-5 days. Some patients may prefer to take leave from work too, to allow for recovery.

During the treatment, you will be advised to wear goggles during the laser treatment to prevent eye injury. After the treatment, you may be advised some topical products for home-use to reduce the discomfort and aid in the recovery. Refrain from scratching or traumatizing the skin, and judicious use of post-laser skincare creams and sunscreen is recommended after the procedure.

The type of treatment and the number of sessions for each treatment will vary for different patients. We will be able to explain in more detail after your consultation as to the treatment program that has been customized for you.

Such devices are available in Singapore and cost between $300 and $1100. However, they don’t tend to work as well, as energy settings are capped. Parameters are generally set for people with fair skin and dark hair. In experienced hands, complications may still arise. Complications include and are not limited to: pain, blistering, burns, injury-induced pigmentation. Medical grade lasers used in Singapore clinics have to be registered under Health Sciences Authority and National Environment Agency and regulated for use. The operators of these medical grade lasers have to hold a recognized medical doctor’s license and they have to pass compulsory laser safety requirements.

The cost of laser hair removal varies widely, depending on factors that include:

  • The expertise and experience of the doctor
  • The size of the area treated
  • Duration of the procedure
  • Number of treatments required

We recommend you to ask for a consultation to get a better idea of the cost for your particular case.