Enlarged And Open Pores

Enlarged And Open Pores

Open, enlarged pores are rarely a medical issue. However, because it is cosmetically annoying, people do not like the look and want to get them treated.

When pores are enlarged, they can give your skin a dull appearance. For individuals who are prone to acne, their enlarged pores can become clogged easily, turning into blackheads and whiteheads. In addition, aging skin contain less collagen, giving the appearance pores that are ‘less tight’, which is also a cosmetic concern for patients.

Causes Of Enlarged Pores

High levels of sebum production

One of the main factors of enlarged pores is highly active sebaceous glands. Each sebaceous gland opens to our pores gets more enlarged.

Reduced elasticity around pores

As we age, our pores may become more obvious due to increased laxity of our collagen and elastin fibrils.

Thick hair follicles

Pores are basically opening of hair follicles, when our hair follicles are large, our pores are generally larger.

Sun damage and other causes of extrinsic aging

These environmental stressors will degrade existing collagen around the pores, reducing their elasticity and making them appear wider.

Getting Rid Of Open Pores

The fact remains that we cannot get rid of open pores. However, we can reduce their look effectively and improve our skin’s overall appearance.

Our Recommendations for Enlarged and Open Pores